The week in charts – episode 1

11. Nonfarms decide Fed March rate hike

Payrolls rise another 235K, March hike done deal.

10. ECB keeps rates, continues QE

Growth revised up, inflation revised up, but don’t expect the ECB to adjust their extraordinary QE program any time soon. However, every ECB-meeting should be more fun from here.

9. ECB QE is peanuts compared to BoJ QE

Measured relative to GDP, monetary stimulus by the Bank of Japan is almost triple that of the ECB. As a result, the BoJ is a major shareholders of pretty much all major Japanese companies, among others.

8. German factory hiccup

Just like that, factory orders fell 7.4% in January, the most since 2008. Notoriously volatile number, however.

7. China producer price pressure

China’s producer prices are up 7.8% YoY. ‘Yes’, commodities matter, ‘no’ they are not going to fall another 50%. Expect average inflation numbers globally to be higher than in the last couple of years.

6. Europe is not dead!

The Eurozone beat the US at GDP growth last year.

5. Mind the gap!

The divergence between short-term yields in Germany and the US remains ‘special.’

4. Greek Gloom

After a very short recovery, Greece is down the drain again. GDP growth in Q4 2016; a neat -1.2%.

3. Double whammy!

The US 10-year Treasury yield has (basically) doubled since the low in July last year.

2. It’s all relative chart

Nice chart by David Ingles. 2.60% is the level that decides if we are entering the bond bear market, according to Bill Gross

1. Le Pen monitor

I think markets are being too complacent about the French elections, so I wrote a blog about it. It has charts ;-).

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